Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Making Dirty Eggs

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! The first thing you need to do is get yourself some egg whites, bacon, sea salt, black pepper, a spatula and cheese (optional), a frying pan, and a measuring cup. I prefer white American cheese. I don't like the texture of the yellow American cheese. Get your frying pan and turn the stove on high to heat it up before you add the bacon. When the pan is hot, add four slices of bacon and reduce the heat so the bacon doesn't cook too fast. I usually flip the bacon every few seconds after it begins to cook so neither side has the chance to burn one of these awesome breakfast recipes.

When you have cooked the bacon, lay it aside and pour 3/4 of the bacon grease into a measuring cup. The remainder of the grease stays in the pan. Now add your egg whites. I usually pour about 1/4 of a carton into the pan. You can use your judgement about how much you want to add, but my suggestion is to add enough to make the eggs the star, so to speak.

Sprinkle some sea salt and black pepper over the egg whites. I actually think the sea salt slows the whites from cooking so fast. The egg whites will begin to cook quickly so you want to stir them until they turn to a solid, remove the frying pan from the stove top and continue to stir them. They will still cook even if they are not on the stove top. Stir until the whites are cooked to your satisfaction. Now you are ready to enjoy your bacon and egg whites, or as I call them, "dirty eggs." The bacon grease mixed with the egg whites makes them look dirty, so that's where I got the nickname.

Now you're wondering, "What about the cheese?" No worries! If you are adding cheese, place it in the center of the egg whites as they begin to cook and stir them into the whites. Continue to stir so the cheese is mixed in well with the egg whites. Remember to remove the egg whites from the stove top when they become solid and continue to stir until the whites are scrambled.

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