Thursday, 26 September 2013

Cookie Secrets

There are so many cookie recipes available, but to make them taste yummy is another thing. Everyone has their individual tastes. For that reason the perfect cookie is not only about a recipe, but also about a technique of how to create the kind of cookie you love. Here you can find many tips that will make every recipe you use can result it cookies that taste better. By using these tips you will be able learn how to enhance the taste of your cookies.

To make cookies that taste better than others you need to pick your favorite recipe first. After that, you can just follow these tips:

Choose carefully your favorite cookie recipe and figure out what sort of cookie you like. Check how every ingredient in the selected cookie recipe may affect the outcome of your cookies.

Always use good-quality butter instead of vegetable shortening, margarine, or lard to get cookies with the best flavor and texture. Never use reduced-fat margarine or cheap butter because the ingredient has a lot of water that will make your cookies have a cake-like texture. If you want use salted butter, you may not need to give more salt your cookie recipe calls for.

Do not hesitate to double the vanilla ingredient the recipe calls for. It will make your cookies more tasteful. However, you should remember that if you wish the butter flavor to dominate, adding a little more vanilla may enhance the butter flavor but too much vanilla will only mask it.

Always use fresh ingredients. Be sure that all ingredients are at room temperature unless required otherwise in the recipe. To bring butter and eggs to room temperature you can leave them out for 30 minutes. Remember that old baking soda or baking powder can make your cookies become flat.

Avoid over mixing your ingredients. Less stirring your ingredients together is good as it will make your cookies more chewy. When you mix together the dry and wet ingredients, do not do it with a mixer. Instead, use a rubber spatula or wooden spoon and stir only until the ingredients are completely blended. Over beating your cookie dough may result in a more cake-like, less moist cookie.

Remember that different baking sheets may give different results. Thin baking sheets tend to make the bottoms of cookies to brown faster and you end up with burnt bottoms. For evenly cooking cookies the semi-thick rimmed baking sheets or insulated pans are the best.

Before placing your cookies in your oven, set the oven and make sure it is at the right temperature If you do not do this, wrong temperature may cause your cookies to cook unevenly and this will mess up your cooking times.

Keep your cookies in an airtight container, particularly if your cookies are not all eaten by bedtime.
After all, better prepared cookies will make a huge difference. Always remember that to make yummy cookies you should not stint on your most essential flavor ingredients.

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