Sunday, 15 September 2013

Prawn Stars Drunked

Fried prawns are served with glazed apples and seasoned with sumptuous beer sauce in this healthy food recipe by Chef Luc Huvsentruvt. This makes a delicious bar or party food and is best enjoyed with ice-cold beer. For the best flavor, use pale ale Belgian beer, which has a good balance of richness and bitterness with some fruity notes. Some of the best pale ales in the world are Belgian beers.

Alternatively, you can also use Belgian white beer instead of pale ale to make the beer sauce. Also known as “witbier,” “blanche de burges,” or “bière blanche” in French, white beer is a crisp and light beer with a subtle sweetness. Refreshing and creamy without being heavy, it also has hints of fruitiness and appears cloudy. These characteristics make it ideal for making beer sauce and for pairing with seafood.

The three main ingredients of beer include hops, malt and yeast. The dominant bitter flavor of beer comes from hops while the subtle sweetness comes from the malt. The yeast gives the beer a flavor similar to bread and when used for culinary purposes, all these flavors and characteristics are considered. The mouthwatering beer sauce is made with pale ale, shallots, chives, tomatoes, fresh butter, salt and pepper. The tomatoes and herbs balance the beer’s bitterness and acidity and make an exquisite tasting sauce. The sauce is heated until it thickens and is seasoned with salt and pepper. To thicken the sauce and to obtain a finer consistency, use whisk to mix the sauce very well. Be careful not to boil the beer for too long or its essence and flavor will be lost.

The pleasantly bitter, sour and subtly sweet beer sauce is perfectly complemented by the glazed apples in this recipe. The fried succulent shrimps are made more pleasurable with the harmony of flavors from the sauce and the glazed apples.

24 prawns
1 apple
3 spoons olive oil
3 teaspoons diced tomato
1 spoon minced chives
8 ½ tablespoons butter
1/2 bottle beer (Blanche de Bruges)
salt, pepper

1. Separate the head, take out the shell and devein the raw prawns. Leave the tails on for presentation. Steam the prawn head and set aside for decoration.

2. Slice apples thinly and gently warm in butter. Sprinkle some sugar and cook in a low combustion stove to glaze.

3. Heat olive oil until it smokes. Fry the prawns in the hot olive oil. The prawns should be cooked quickly and stay juicy inside. If you overcook them, they will dry out. Once they are lightly browned, take the prawns off the heat and place them on paper napkins to absorb oil.

4. Heat shallots in pan. Pour some beer, chives, and tomatoes. Finish the sauce with some fresh butter. Season with salt and pepper. Mix with a whisk to thicken.

5. Arrange glazed apples on side of the plate and the cooked prawn head beside it for decoration. Place the prawns on the plate, making a line parallel to the glazed apple slices. Pour some beer sauce over the prawns and serve.

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