Saturday, 28 September 2013

Barbecue Day Out

Now, not every barbecue enthusiast is going to have the luxury that I do of being able to set the grill up in a natural setting like in the woods or by a lake for healthy lunch ideas. Of course, people that live in cities like Chicago or New York are going to be the ones that most likely are not going to have access to some of these more beautiful environmental settings, which means that the most passionate urban grillers will simply have to make do with the barbecue spaces that they do have available to them. It is not unusual for individuals or couples living in the apartments to have a grill setup on the small porch of their living space. Some city folk that are really fortunate are able to use the roof of their building to cook up some delicious meat that is covered in some form of a bbq sauce. Even with if these possibilities are not doable, every big metropolitan area will have small parks located around the city, some of which may allow groups to bring a bag of charcoal and enjoy a barbecue. Worst case scenario? Hit up the local restaurant that offers some of your favorite barbecue items on the menu to get your fix.

As any barbecue veteran will tell you, having all the appropriate barbecue essentials beforehand will allow the group to focus on the more appealing elements of the grill-out like the company or the scenery. However, in order to recreate this enjoyable setting, outdoor chefs need to actually go through the process of finding the right barbecue tools and accessories in order to perfect the art of grilling and impress their comrades as the opportunity presents itself. The necessary grilling tools depends on the setting for which the barbecue is taking place and the cuisine that they are interested in roasting up. For example, if friends and family is barbecuing poolside in their back yard, they are going to have access to certain necessities that a group who has lit up the grill in a state park may have. 

One of the best things about a good old fashion barbecue is that all you really need is a hot flame, something to cook and some sort of tool to make sure the food item is cooking thoroughly. For example, this could consist of a small flame, a stick and a hot dog and just like that, you have a barbecue. Now, in today's barbecue world, outdoor folk would much rather have fancy grills, with stainless steel prongs and spatulas and a large amount of
steaks or burgers. Similar to barbecue tool sets, there are so many different grills available to the consumer, it just depends on what the chef is willing to spend, what qualities they want in the grill and what they plan on doing with it. In regards to the actual BBQ tool set, one could survive with a spatula, a fork and some tongs.

However, the more advanced grill master will want to have included in this set a basting brush, a chef's knife, a grill brush and a handful of skewers. No matter what the items that come in the set, products made of high-quality material like stainless steel will usually last for an extended period of time and will be a much better investment for grill operators of all skill levels.

One of the biggest assumptions that people often make regarding a barbecue is that there will be cold beverages involved, more specifically ice cold beers and more often than not, those assumptions are actually factual. From my grilling experiences, beer drinking has actually been a very common reasoning to have a barbecue. However, one could argue that it works both ways in that not only can a barbecue lead into beer drinking but also, consuming alcohol may progress into a grill session. The popularity of this common practice may have been the result of the numerous beer commercials on television for name brand brews where the entire advertisement is taking place in a barbecue-like setting. Even if a barbecue were to not incorporate non-alcoholic drinks, having a cooler next to the grill is only going to better the barbecue experience.

Similar to most any cooking experience, a barbecue can be a very enjoyable event for an individual, a family or just a big group of friends, especially if the host has the right tools for the occasion. Today, a barbecue has become a lot more than just the meat being served, but rather a showcase of the outdoor grill setup to where the meal is prepared. With just a simple internet search on Google or Yahoo, one can find pictures of very unique and stylish backyard barbecue setups. To the average consumer, these types of outdoor arrangements may seem too expensive and unobtainable, but with the right knowledge, a sufficient amount of research and patience, any grill master can create his ideal barbecue setting.

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