Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is a special beverage that contains hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. It may occur through nature or added by way of human intervention. It is commonly used as a mix for soda or other cocktails. Here is a closer look at the process of how this type of water is made.

Natural Sparkling Mineral Water

Mineral water comes from mountain springs. This type of water has been called the original bubbly water because it has been consumed for decades. It has been known to hold medicinal properties and pretty much in every healthy recipes in peoples’ eyes. This water usually contains natural bubbles. It is often siphoned and bottled by manufacturers directly from a pipeline to the manufacturing facility. It may be high in other certain minerals including potassium. As the water is pumped into the bottles, pressurized carbon dioxide may be added for extra fizz. Depending on the pressure and temperature, the bubbles may be large or small. Sometimes, it is not necessary to add the gas.

Homemade Sparkling Water

Many people decide to make this type of water at home. A seltzer bottle will be the necessary tool for the process. This device appears similar to a thermos with a spray nozzle. It commonly holds up to two liters of water. A charger is added to the bottle in order to create the carbonation. A charger is a small unit of pressurized carbon dioxide. This will fit into the top of the sprayer. When plunged, a person will dispense sparkling water. In certain cases, this kind of water may be flavored. A natural flavor will be milder than an artificial flavoring. This is added to create interest, without making the beverage too sweet. Artificial flavor will be stronger and is meant to make the water a healthier alternative to soda.

Uses For Sparkling Water

A person may decide to make this water for different reasons. For example, an individual may use this liquid as a way to help the digestion process and to ease an upset stomach. It is also possible to use this liquid as a stain remover. The trapped bubbles can get under the stain and keep it from setting.

Sparkling water can occur naturally or through a human process. Certain mountains release this type of water. Bottling plants collect the liquid and sell it on store shelves. At home, a person can place normal tap water into a seltzer bottle. In the end, carbon dioxide is added and sparkling water is the end result. No matter the process, a person can use this water as a beverage for pleasure, to soothe a sore stomach, or as a means of stain removal.

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