Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Napkin folding for a romantic dinner

Planning a romantic dinner date? Why not do it in your own backyard or perhaps in your own dining room?  Now that's done and okay. What about your food? Have you chosen the perfect cooking recipes for your loved one? And don't buy takeout! That's cheating! Make sure that you prepared yourself that ambrosia! So, done with food, right? What about the nectar? Of course, do remember that you must match your ambrosia to a nectar. The Greek gods and goddesses wouldn't have lived without those combination. Make sure that your love must feel like a Greek god/goddess for this special evening. What about the table setting? Did you set out your special plate? The one you bought specifically for this night or those lovely pieces your grandmother bestowed upon you. Now that's all and done, what about your napkins? Why, of course, napkins are an essential part of a table setting!

Napkins to a table setting is compared as the perfect necklace to a woman's elegant gown. It makes the whole romantic dinner perfect. It's the accessory to it. But do make sure that when you do napkin folding, it won't outshine your own homemade gourmet meal. 
The *most* common technique (and perhaps cliche and expected) in napkin folding for a romantic dinner is shaping them into hearts and flowers. Red as a color scheme is also not unusual for this sort of events. Nowadays, any color combination if properly executed can evoke romance – off white and beige, pink and magenta or even black and white. The table linen, centerpieces,  china, flatware, glassware and other secondary elements to a meal should go together. 
There are some extra efforts to be undertaken to successfully translate this concept into a romantic table setting and not look cheap. Using dainty vintage cotton or linen napkins (as long as they’re intact and not falling apart) rather than store bought polyester blends may in itself already evoke some element of class and romance especially if the theme is carried throughout the china, glassware and of course the food served.
Now that I have imparted my knowledge on you, I wish you luck on your romantic dinner date with your special someone.  I wish that Eros and Aphrodite guide you in showing your love the best night of his/her life. 

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  1. Now I know what's missing in our Valentine's day dinner plan. A dinner won't be as romantic without these romantic folded napkins, definitely.